Olmo: Four letters for an unusual name, the Italian equivalent for the Elm Tree. Born in Geneva in 1979, Olmo's roots spread over the Mediterranean from Italy to Turkey.

As his name, his path has been all but conventional; Olmo started making Art to avoid the accounting courses in the British School of Sevenoaks that he attended from age 16. He continued his education in Oxford Brookes University and obtained a joint degree in Art and Business Administration.

As a reflexion of his multifaceted personality, Olmo dived into Art as an antidote to numbers; in addition he dived into the multidimensional Art world as a first step towards a harmony of contrasts and describes his work ”a fruitful discordance”.

Authentic and pure, Olmo's evolution is the result of causality and non-conformism. A constant questioning of wide spread beliefs towards immanence and transcendence lure his creativity to defy boundaries. In his paintings it materializes out of the dialog with the limits of the figurative. In his sculpture, it is animated by his will to counter the limitations of raw materials transforming them from their present state into the vision of a multi-dimensional one.

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